Industry Humor

This pages houses my growing collection of all humor relating to graphic design or publishing.  Please enjoy, and if you have any suggestions for additions please let me know!



Check out the animation “Animator versus Animation”

or this Photoshop Tutorial Rap from


You have to check out the monologue by the typeface Comic Sans here.  I find the whole hating on comic sans movement in general pretty amusing.  I mean it uses lines like “your mom uses comic sans as if it were helvetica!”

Comic Sans and Arial walked into a pub, the barman took one look at them and said, “We don’t want your type in here” and he called the Serif.

Trade Gothic is sitting on a bar stool. He’s regaling the other patrons with all sorts of arcane trivia. He basically seems to know everything and just won’t shut up. Finally the bartender turns to him and asks “when did you become such a font of information?”

My computer has lots of fonts, like the Russian alphabet, Japanese characters, etc. But I’m always wondering, who’s language is Wing Dings?


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