Hey, Type Girl

The Hey, Girl meme has spread far and wide, and at this point is rather old hat. But typography jokes are few and far between, and as we type nerds  get so few chances to share our industry inside jokes I couldn’t resist sharing this collection, despite its lack of timeliness. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little extra Ryan Gosling to your day… Enjoy!

Hey Girl Leading Hey Girl Fleurons Hey Girl Ligature Hey Girl Double Space Hey Girl Ragged

These next five are really just type industry name dropping. In general I find them less amusing than the first five, which are using pure typography for the pick up lines. I do however enjoy the last one on Huronia.

Huronia is truly an amazing font—I actually exchanged a few emails with the type designer, Ross Mills, last year when I was using Huronia for a class project. He was incredibly kind and gave me some very useful advice for my project, as well as some interesting insight into his design inspiration for the typeface.

Hey Girl Rules of Typography Hey Girl Steal Sheep Hey Girl Brand Standards Hey Girl Type Differences Hey Girl Huronia

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