To Resolve

I just stumbled across the To Resolve Project by Chris Streger. A little late for 2014, but I decided to jump on the bandwagon anyway—it’s still the first week of the new year, after all! Here’s Streger’s description of his project: “You create a list, stuff it away in a drawer and it never sees the light of day till the year has passed. I decided to ask as many talented designers I knew (or didn’t know) to create a resolution for the new year as an iPhone background.” It’s so smart, because lets face it, putting it on my phone makes it a practically constant reminder of my resolution!

I decided my main resolution for this year was to focus on finishing my thesis project, and really power through so I can graduate in May. Rather ironically, I designed this iPhone background reminder for myself while was supposed to be working on my thesis project…

No Distractions | Chase Your Dreams, Rebecca Wright

Download this design for iPhone 5 (left) or iPhone 4 (right). All work copyright Rebecca Wright:

ToResolve_NoDistractions_iPhone5    ToResolve_NoDistractions_iPhone4iOS7

Here’s a collection of some of my favorite designs from 2014 and the design archives at They seemed to group themselves into a few themes—using technology, changing actions, and being a better person.

Using Technology

Step Away, Riley Cran, 2012Step Away by Riley Cran, 2012 (iPhone 4)

Make Shit By Hand, Cory Roberts, 2012Make Shit by Hand by Cory Roberts, 2012 (iPhone 4)

Put Down Yer Friggin' Phone Already, Curtis Jinkins, 2011Put down yer friggin’ Phone already! by Curtis Jinkins, 2011 (iPhone 4)

Just Do It!

See New Sights, Justin Mezzell, 2014See New Sights by Justin Mezzell, 2014 (iPhone 5)

Write More Letters, Lydia Nichols, 2012Write More Letters by Lydia Nichols, 2012 (iPhone 4)

Read More, Matt McCracken, 2012Read More by Matt McCracken of Doublenaut, 2012 (iPhone 4)

Drive Less Bike More, Justin Mezzell, 2012Drive Less, Bike More by Justin Mezzell, 2012 (iPhone 4)

Adventure Boldly, Mackey Saturday, 2012Adventure Boldly by Mackey Saturday, 2012 (iPhone 4)

The Best Me I Can Be

Avoid Commitment, Ryan Hamrick, 2014Avoid Commitment by Ryan Hamrick, 2014 (iPhone 5)

“Since I’m submitting this to you after the new year has officially begun, I couldn’t bring myself to break my resolution already by fully committing to this piece. You understand.”

Stop Asking for Directions, Matt Stevens, 2011Stop asking for directions by Matt Stevens, 2011 (iPhone 4)

Make Your Own Way!!, Jon Contino, 2012Make Your Own Way!! By Jon Contino, 2012 (iPhone 4)

I Promise to Stay Wild, Dan Cassaro, 2014I Promise to Stay Wild by Dan Cassaro, 2014 (iPhone 5)

The Wait Ain't That Heavy, Jillian Adel, 2014The Weight Ain’t That Heavy by Jillian Adel, 2014 (iPhone 5)

“My design can be explained through my New Year’s blog post. My fellow design friend, Alex Sheyn, once said “It’s not about being strong. It’s about realizing the weight ain’t that heavy.” And it stuck with me because I tend to be very hard on myself and others. It’s less of a resolution and more of a mantra I think is important for me moving into the new year.”


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