A Cover Collection

Here are some of my current favorite book covers from my Pinterest board for cover designs. Let me know what you think, or if you have any other suggestions for favorites!

“To Kill A Mocking Bird” cover designed by Aafke Brouw.

Lovely, simple, arresting design, and a new take on a classic book (original pin link leads here).

“Jane Eyre” cover designed by Megan Wilson.

Simplistic yet arresting design; fresh take for a classic book. The simple triangle graphic addition add just the right amount of detail. Original pin link goes to The Book Cover Archive.

If you haven’t heard of The Book Cover Archive yet, it’s an awesome resource. I have yet to explore it thoroughly, but every time I stumble into it, I stumble out happy. I recommend losing some time there when you can.

Series of Oliver Sacks books, covers designed by Cardon Philip Webb.

Each cover works beautifully on their own and absolutely amazing as a series. Read the article on them on Fast Co here (original pin link leads here).

“Gabriel Garcia Marquez” cover designed by Jason Ramirez.

Not stark design, but simply beautiful. It makes me want to keep looking at it; kind of reminds me about what I wrote about in this post on making design beautiful. First came to my attention at the 50 Books/50 Covers AIGA design contest (original pin link also leads to The Book Cover Archive).

“Language in the Modern World” cover designed by Romek Marber.

Design feels retro but not dated; the combination of photograph and bold graphic elements still feels edgy and modern. Original pin links to an interesting article with the designer’s description of his process and thoughts for this and many other designs.

“The Foreigners” cover designed by Lynn Buckley.

Really like the way the rose is overlayed on the photograph on the right half, with the cutout pattern that continues to the title box graphic. Uses common images in an unusual combination for a great composition (original pin goes here. also find it on design:related).

“Heirloom Modern” cover designed by ?.

Something about the type for the title and photograph behind it make me happy. Not sure I’d nominate it for groundbreaking design, but I like it (original pin links here).

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