Enjoying the Details

A few happy moments.

Coming home late last night from the lecture. Walking quickly, because it was cold and I’d had to use the bathroom for the last half hour at least. Looking up briefly to see a spot of gold streak across the sky, above the construction for the new playground. I wondered if it had cone from a plane, or some other strange electronic source, but no. I silent brief shooting star, streaking above Valencia Street, noticed just by me.

On my way down 16th Street to the BART station this morning, walking among all the other commuters. Hearing the sound of a harmonica played somewhere nearby. No great music, but not horrible either. Looking for the street musician and not finding one. Slowly realizing the music was moving down the street with me. As the music transitioned to several long notes very enthusiastically repeated over and over again, I realized it was coming from a stroller being pushed by a curly haired woman in front of me. Her blond three year old in the stroller had a harmonica in hand and was very seriously and very happily playing away. Her free form composition came to an end as we reached the corner, and I smiled and very politely clapped before heading to the station entrance.

Running into an old friend at the DesignSpeaks lecture last night (read my post here). The smiles and simple pleasure in renewing an enjoyable but mislaid friendship.

Noticing the little guardian figurines of the Mission. The gilded but worn imp above a garage on Bartlett street. The elephant with splashes of neon paint jutting out from the side of a wall in an empty lot on Valencia.




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